And so it begins!

cropped-banner4.pngAbout 2 and a half years ago I had the idea of starting an automotive youtube channel called “Full Metal”. The idea was to film and tell the story of unique, rare, and just plain cool cars and their owners. Unfortunately life happens and the project was placed on the back burner. But today I am proud to announce that Full Metal has received a breath of fresh life and is now going ahead!

However, before I can launch the channel and website I need owners and their cars, and a team of people that want to get involved, help make this happen and be apart of something awesome and an NZ first!

If you have a car that you think deserves to be immortalised in the youtube universe, or you think you are pretty handy behind the lens, drone controls, wheel of the chase car, or consider yourself bit of a social media wiz kid please email me at with a bit of information about yourself and car, or how you want to be involved in making something incredible happen.

There is no better time to start than the present!


Samuel Forty, founder


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