Filming for Episode #001 Begins in 6 days

We have our first feature car (it’s a secret) and filming is about to begin this coming Saturday. In saying that, we do not yet have  a release date for the first episode. This is because we want to produce at least 4 episodes before we start releasing, to insure we have a regular release schedule. I am aiming to have the first episode released by the end of May followed by a new release every two weeks and then eventually as we gather momentum and grow an audience we will be able to release a new episode every week.

As I said in my previous post we can’t do this without owners and their cars. So if you have a car and story that you think is worth sharing with the world please get in touch by emailing me at with the subject line ‘My Car’. The only real criteria is that you and your car must be located within New Zealand. Can’t wait to hear from you!

Samuel Forty, Founder and Director of Content


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