Episode 1 & Launch update #1

Shooting for episode 1 was delayed for a week because of the weather but we managed to get a couple of hours of shooting on Saturday evening. Really happy with the quality we were able to capture, considering this was the first shoot. Hopefully the weather will cooperate and we will be able knock out the entire shoot in one afternoon this weekend.

When you are planning these sort of things for the first time you get so excited about every thing going right that you forget about all the things that could go wrong, or fail to take into account every aspect that you should, which has definitely being a learning curve.

The biggest factors that are going to effect shoot and episode release timetable are the weather, shorter winter days, and finding shoot times that work for everyone. Dispite these factors we are still  pushing on towards a June release date. It’s going to be a lot of hardwork but it is going to be worth it and I am super pumped!

Special thanks to Darren Gray for featuring his awesome WRX in our first episode, can’t wait for everyone to see it come June!

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